Special tampons



LIVE YOUR PERIOD WITHOUT LIMITS - VAGINAL COMFORT SPONGE 365 "It is not noticeable, nor does it move, providing maximum protection" INVISIBLE, SOFT AND LUBRICATED WITH LACTAGEL THAT PREVENTS DRYNESS AND IRRITATION Confort 365 is an innovative, hypoallergenic vaginal sponge that is easy to apply and without the typical annoying cord, which thanks to its shape is very easy to insert and remove. You will not notice that you are wearing it: thanks to its ergonomic design and its soft and flexible material, it guarantees a perfect fit: it adapts to your vagina, which makes it your best option for your day to day. Made of polyurethane, designed for women who are allergic to cellulose or cotton. COMFORT 365 IS MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE THAN AN ORDINARY TAMPON Confort365 gives you total freedom during your periods, giving you confidence and security 24 hours a day, as well as practicing any sport, swimming, dancing and much more. It allows you a unique advantage , since you can have sex during menstruation without you or your partner noticing and without staining. It is safe: Confort 365 is the only sponge with the National Pharmaceutical Code and ISO certification for your total peace of mind. HOW TO USE IT? The Confort 365 sponge is ready to apply and adapts perfectly to the shape of the female body. Thanks to their sliding gel and their soft, rounded structure, they are very easy to insert, and with their small opening, they are also very easy to remove. The sliding gel is aseptic , providing greater protection and maintaining the natural balance of the vaginal mucosa. FOR A MAXIMUM OF EIGHT HOURS IT KEEPS THE VAGINA FREE OF MENSTRUAL FLOW