Payment by credit card: pays particular attention to the security of your credit card payments. We use Stripe service, the leading international credit card payment solution. With this system, your card payment is made directly to Stripe's secure servers on our behalf. At no time will your card number be communicated to us. Exchanges are encrypted and secure thanks to the SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) protocol on the Internet, a protocol that has become a worldwide standard and can be used by the main browsers. This system has been enriched with a new level of security with the 3D Secure, an additional code must be provided. This code is delivered to you by your bank via an SMS or by telephone. If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us. More information on

Payment by Paypal:

You can pay via your Paypal account, by connecting to Paypal. This connection is made automatically when you validate your payment choice. More information on